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network & data cabling

home services


If you need to access faster network speeds in your home or are having problems with your internet connection, give us a call.

  • Connection Faults, connection Patchy?
  • Internet too slow?
  • Install Smart TVs
  • Install or improve Wifi
  • Home Office Solution
  • Online Game Speeds
  • Correct unsightly installs

Fiber modem Aesthetic Installation

home services

data cabling

Structured data and optical fibre cabling is one of Mobiz International’s core competencies. We have a proven ability to build cabling systems from world class manufacturers. We can install all types of communications cabling, from Category 6/6a copper to fibre.

To ensure our customers have a fast and secure network along with our data cabling service we also provide networking infrastructure:

  • Hubs
  • Network Switches
  • Racking
  • Building communication / server rooms


Our flexible, specialist team can work with you to design, build and manage all aspects of your ICT infrastructure project. We will ensure that your mission critical ICT platform installed by us today, will continue to meet the evolving communications technology requirements of your organisation tomorrow.

DO you have a question?

Contact our team and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. If you need support please contact our 0800 number for us to help resolve any issues.

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